Which Suppliers Use EDI?


As a manager overseeing a rapidly growing company, one of the primary challenges you will face is the searching for the right service providers. Anyone can claim to be the best in their field, but only a few can really deliver to your quality expectations. 

To make this journey easier, we have compiled a list of 10 best EDI software suppliers you should consider.

Best EDI Software Suppliers to Consider

Start your EDI journey on the right foot with any of these providers:


DigiKey features B2B Connections such as API, EDI, and Punchout for maximum accuracy and rapid service delivery. 

DigiKey is also well-known for its dedication to quality assurance and compliance. They have an entire Quality Assurance page dedicated to protecting the security of their clients' data and the authenticity of their products. 

They are well-versed in offering customized products, making it easy for them to serve your company's unique needs. They also have a responsive team that guides you through every step of the process.

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics is a trusted EDI provider that several companies have used to manage their EDI needs. They are experienced in B2B supply chain management services.

Mouser Electronics is a multinational semiconductor and electrical component wholesaler. Mouser is the world's sixth biggest electronic component wholesaler, with approximately $3 billion in yearly revenue. The firm has 27 offices worldwide and around 3,200 workers. Its scale speaks volumes about its standing in the industry.


McMaster is another great option for directors. It is also a wonderful option for companies that have never tried EDI before and do not feel like they have the adequate skills to run an IT-heavy service. 

The reason for this is that McMaster has exceptional response teams. They also use configurations that are simpler to understand than other providers. McMaster’s packages are also created conveniently and can be customized to suit all your business needs. 


Youredi provides an EDI-friendly iPaaS. iPAAS means integration platform as a service. The cloud-based integration platform makes it possible to integrate any systems and applications, whether they are hosted on-premises or in the cloud. Once all systems and applications are linked, electronic transactions of data can occur in real-time, on a timetable, or in batches.

Despite the fact EDI transactions take place in the cloud, Youredi does not own any of your data. The software is built on Microsoft Azure, so Youredi's iPaaS is completely safe for transmitting critical business data.

Data quality is also taken care of by Youredi's data governance tools. It checks all communications against the business rules of the customers to eliminate data errors before returning them for enrichment.

In addition to all that, Youredi offers high scalability for its EDI solutions. So, Youredi can adapt quickly to your changing integration demands. For example, when your business grows, you may need new supplies, so you have to restructure your supply chain and onboard new partners who can provide them. Youredi's professional services and support teams will be in charge of completely controlling the solution.

Truecommerce EDI

TrueCommerce provides electronic data interchange services for trading partners located all over the world, including WebEDI, Customer Facing EDI, and Integrated EDI solutions.

You can instantly connect with any trading partners thanks to TrueCommerce's 92,000 worldwide trading partner maps. They also provide a well-organized list of partners you may contact.

This platform has excellent reviews and videos from customer success stories plus a useful resource center available to all its clients.


Cleo Integration Cloud is a wonderful solution for simplifying B2B and EDI procedures, both for systems and applications that are on-premise and in the cloud. Cleo automates EDI activities that connect, convert, and route EDI and non-EDI document formats between applications.

In addition to processing X12, EDIFACT, and TRADACOMS standards, their solution can automate data flows across systems, convert, and orchestrate data in these supported formats, then accelerate the onboarding of new stakeholders.


Babelway allows its customers to link anything or anybody, transform data to any data format, manipulate data easily, govern document flows, produce reports, and securely archive records.

Babelway also provides a free 30-day trial, allowing you to try their product before committing to buying it. Their simple price chart makes it easy to choose the best option for your company. Babelway also offers a variety of packages that serve companies of any size. There is something for everyone.

DataTrans Solutions

DataTrans Solutions is recognized for offering scalable, all-in-one EDI services to rapidly growing businesses. Their services are acknowledged for equally supporting the needs of both small and large businesses.

DataTrans Solutions offers WebEDI, a cloud-based EDI interface that allows customers to effectively manage data, fulfill purchase orders, and connect to their full network of trade partners on a single platform. DataTrans has done an amazing job streamlining all communication even with customers, taking companies to the next level. Their wonderful customer service is probably the best in the industry.

WebEDI is a versatile version of EDI that can be integrated with any application to provide total automation. DataTrans EDI integrates with accounting systems, shipping services, ERPs, 3PLs, and nearly any application. DataTrans EDI professionals provide a smooth, rapid, and simple setup with any trading partner in any sector.

AS2 Gateway

AS2 Gateway is a "SaaS EDI/AS" solution for electronic B2B messaging. AS2 Gateway provides monitoring and analytics, logging and auditing, easier certificate administration, internal messaging connections, message transmission and of course EDI transactions.

AS2 Gateway also allows you to test the service during a free trial period to see whether or not it's a good fit. Their price page is also quite useful in helping clients choose the best packages. Personal, startup, commercial, and corporate options are available. If none of these apply to you, you can contact them for customized pricing.

Flow Software

Flow Software provides anAPI and EDI integration platform. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of full EDI integration capability, where you can build connections to practise data mapping and business workflow design processes. The trial also allows you to use the Flow API. If you have any trouble, a Flow integration expert will be ready to guide you through the process so you can experience the software's full potential.

How to Choose the Best EDI Software for Your Company

We have provided a lot of options for you to choose from. So what criteria should you use to narrow down the list to the best for EDI software for your company?

First, look for the options provided in this list that address specific challenges your company faces. For example, if you are a start-up still raising funds for operations, you do not want to spend on anything you are unsure of. Therefore, go for options that have free-trials. If your company is API heavy despite focusing more on EDI, choose an option that has API capabilities. 

Once you have shortlisted them, go back to them and carefully analyze their products and pricing. A service may offer what you need for your company, but it does not mean that they will fit your budget or software structure. Pay close attention to the packages they offer because they may not be worth their value. 

Next, look for some reviews. What do their previous clients say about them? Which prominent, or at least successful company have they worked with? This research will help you validate the claims they make on their websites.

Be critical about everything. How do they manage purchase orders? What about their features for supply chain management?

Finally, get in touch with them. You can ask them to come in for a few meetings and even test some of their products if they allow it. Discuss your specific issues with them to see if they understand what your company is about. From there, it will be easy to choose which provider is best for you.

Remember to be sure that the EDI service provider you choose can also help you with other aspects of your integration strategy, such as hybrid EDI integrations. Another issue to consider is whether or not they can assist you in modernizing your present EDI efforts and making you more efficient in terms of productivity and expenses.

Key Takeaways

  • There are several suppliers who use EDI, each with different capabilities that may or may not serve the unique structure of your supply chain. 
  • When choosing a provider, remember to find one that focuses on solutions related to problems your company currently faces and one whose packages suit your structural and financial needs.


Finding an EDI provider who will satisfy all your needs does not have to be an impossible task. With a smart research strategy, you will find not only an EDI provider, but also a partner who will see you through the growth of your company to unprecedented heights. 

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