ControlHub Vs. Procuredesk

ControlHub Scales with your business
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Affordable and Flexible: ControlHub offers a pricing model that grows with your business. It starts free, covering all the basics you need for managing purchases and requests.
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Grows with You: As your company gets bigger, ControlHub’s plan keeps up, adding more tools like approval flows and analytics for a low monthly fee.
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Full Features Without the High Cost: You get a lot for your money: budget tracking, easy PO creation, and working with many vendors. This means you can handle almost everything procurement-related at a good price.
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Approval for Cost-Effective Scaling
Approval for Cost-Effective Scaling
“ControlHub is a game-changer for our financial management with its seamless integration with NetSuite. The automatic export of data to NS has significantly improved our efficiency and accuracy.”
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ControlHub Vs. Procuredesk

Spend Management Solutions
While ProcureDesk offers comprehensive tools, ControlHub's focus on data management, speed, and user-friendly interfaces provides a distinctly efficient solution for managing business finances.

ControlHub’s Innovative Payment Solutions
ControlHub offers Policy-Embedded Payment Solutions, including virtual cards, physical cards, and eChecks, empowering teams to manage financial operations effectively.

Inventory Management
ControlHub excels in managing inventory across various locations. It automatically alerts when inventory levels are low and integrates smoothly with accounting systems, optimizing inventory and procurement processes.

While ProcureDesk offers a solid inventory management platform, ControlHub stands out with its automated, user-friendly, and integrated approach, especially for businesses operating in multiple locations.

Virtual Cards
ControlHub provides diverse payment methods, including virtual cards, physical cards, and eChecks. It provides flexibility in choosing the suitable payment method for each transaction.

ControlHub delivers robust spending control features, including setting transaction limits based on parameters like vendor type, timeframe, and more.

However, ProcureDesk does not offer a virtual card solution.

Inventory Management Solutions
Spend Management
Virtual Card Solutions

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Choosing the right software for procurement and financial management is a critical decision for any organization. It can significantly impact efficiency, cost control, and overall operational effectiveness. In this comprehensive investigation, we thoroughly compare ControlHub and ProcureDesk, two software solutions in this domain. 

We aim to provide an unbiased assessment to assist businesses in making an informed choice that aligns with their needs. This analysis will explore various aspects, including pricing, spend management, invoicing management, inventory management, integration capabilities, virtual card options, user-friendliness, implementation time, and punchout catalogs.

Organizations can better evaluate which solution suits their unique requirements and objectives by gaining a deeper understanding of these software platforms.

ControlHub Vs.Procuredesk: Price

Control Hub offers three pricing plans:

STARTER FREE FOREVER: This plan provides unlimited purchasing requests, unlimited requester users, and the ability to have 2 approver users with no obligations.

APPROVED $449/month: The Approved plan includes all Starter plan features, 5 Advanced Users*, Team Structures, Custom Approval Flows, and Dashboard and Analytics. Additional Advanced Users are available for $10/month per user.

FULL P2P: In addition to the Approved plan, the Full P2P plan offers Budgets Management, Automatic PO Generation, Multiple Currencies, Receiving, Virtual Cards, Receipts Collection, Sync with AP, Accounting System, or ERP, Enterprise SSO (SAML/OIDC), and Vendor Integrations. This plan is tailored to meet comprehensive business needs. Contact us for a custom quote specific to your business requirements.

On the other hand, ProcureDesk also presents three plans, with a 30-day money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction. 

Purchasing Automation Plan: $380/month with annual billing, streamlines manual purchase order workflows for companies. It includes easy request creation, approval workflows, and automated order generation.

Purchasing & AP Automation Plan (Value): $600/month with annual billing, reduces invoice matching time for growing companies. This plan includes all features from the Purchasing Automation Plan, plus 3-way matching, approval workflows, and OCR.

Enterprise Plan: Tailored for larger companies with 200+ employees. Custom pricing is available; contact ProcureDesk for a quote. The Enterprise includes all Purchasing & AP Automation Plan features, dedicated account management, vendor portal, and SSO integration.

ControlHub Vs. Procuredesk: Spend Management

ControlHub Invoice Management offers a comprehensive solution designed to help businesses improve control and efficiency in invoice processing and payment procedures. By leveraging Bill Processing and 3-Way Match capabilities, ControlHub enables organizations to achieve greater transparency and accuracy in their financial operations.

One of the primary advantages of ControlHub's Invoice Management is the automation of the invoice processing workflow. This automation reduces the risk of making payments based on incorrect invoices and eliminates the need for manual data entry into the accounts payable system. Consequently, it saves time and reduces the effort to chase after invoices and receipts.

A noteworthy feature is the automated 3-Way match process. This ensures that invoices are promptly matched with their corresponding purchase orders (POs) and delivery receipts in real-time.

ControlHub provides a centralized platform where all documents related to purchase orders, delivery receipts, and vendor invoices can be seamlessly managed. This digital repository offers convenient access to essential invoice details, including the original purchase order, recent receiving reports, and linked PO numbers.

In comparison, ProcureDesk's Invoicing Management simplifies accounts payable for businesses with features including streamlined invoice capture through a centralized AP email box and electronic invoices, OCR technology for data extraction, automated matching of invoices with purchase orders and receipts, customized invoice approval workflows, automatic coding based on purchase order data, integration with accounting softwares and transparent payment status tracking.

ControlHub Vs.Procuredesk: Inventory Management

ControlHub stands out in managing inventory across multiple locations, automatically sending alerts for low inventory levels, and seamlessly integrating with accounting systems. This makes it a robust solution for optimizing inventory and procurement processes.

Operating on a cloud-based platform, ControlHub simplifies operations by automating inventory adjustments upon receipt of purchases. This eliminates the need for manual guesswork and ensures that stock levels remain aligned with purchasing activities.

For businesses with multiple warehouses, ControlHub offers centralized and user-friendly multi-location inventory management.

The intelligent alert system acts as a safeguard against stockouts, streamlining the supply chain, while integration with accounting systems enhances financial coherence.

Moreover, ControlHub provides real-time shipping tracking for orders, improving visibility and control throughout the procurement and delivery processes.

While ProcureDesk's Inventory Management simplifies control and tracking of inventory items for businesses, it centralizes inventory data, offers real-time tracking, streamlines requisition processes, provides detailed reporting, and integrates with procurement. The platform also includes contract management, supplier collaboration, and customization options for specific business needs. 

ControlHub Vs.Procuredesk: Integration

ControlHub provides a range of integrations that are primarily aimed at significantly enhancing the efficiency of both purchasing and financial operations. Among these offerings is a free Slack app that facilitates the request, approval, and tracking of company purchases directly within the Slack platform. This feature enables quick and collaborative approvals within the familiar Slack environment.

ControlHub elevates the investment in ERP systems by seamlessly integrating with platforms such as Quickbooks, Netsuite, and others. This integration streamlines financial processes, ensuring real-time synchronization, simplifying spend management, and eliminating manual tasks. It allows for effortless integration and data synchronization, ensuring that your financial data is audit-ready and unlocking the full potential of your ERP investment.

With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive financial management capabilities, ControlHub reduces errors through automation. It simplifies data management and expense tracking while also integrating with popular suppliers like Amazon, McMaster, Digi-Key, Ulinen and more. This means you can conveniently access your preferred vendors with ease.

Conversely, ProcureDesk integrates with for efficient payment management, popular accounting software (QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, Sage Intacct, Netsuite) for accurate financial records, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for improved data sharing, Slack for communication, Single Sign-On for security, Zuora for subscription management, and Batch Integration for data processing. 

ControlHub Vs.Procuredesk: Virtual Cards

ControlHub provides diverse payment methods, including virtual cards, physical cards, and eChecks. It provides flexibility in choosing the suitable payment method for each transaction.

In addition, ControlHub delivers robust spending control features, including setting transaction limits based on parameters like vendor type, timeframe, and more. 

Furthermore, ControlHub allows for efficient management of virtual corporate cards, enabling the creation of new virtual cards for each transaction and the ability to pause or delete cards as needed.

This platform embeds company policies into purchases, ensuring compliance and simplifying approval processes, which can be especially valuable for organizations with strict procurement policies.

However, ProcureDesk does not offer a virtual card solution.

ControlHub Vs.Procuredesk: User-Friendly

ControlHub stands out as a user-friendly solution for purchase management, carefully designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Its simplicity, integration capabilities, and adaptability contribute to its user-friendly character.

ControlHub streamlines the procurement process by allowing for one-click purchase order creation. The inclusion of Shipping Tracking provides real-time insights into shipments, which aids in transparent decision-making.

Automating Bill Processing and implementing 3-Way Match ensures that bill processing is accurate and stable. Furthermore, seamless integration with accounting systems like Netsuite and Quickbooks enhances operational efficiency.

ControlHub also features Automated Inventory Control to prevent stockouts and enhance planning accuracy. Its Pricing and Plans offer flexible options that cater to various business needs, making it cost-effective and customizable. Its adaptability for businesses of different sizes is evident, as it is equally suitable for small enterprises and large corporations, meeting a wide range of user requirements.

ProcureDesk also achieve user-friendliness. It simplifies purchase requests and approvals, offers a centralized dashboard, integrates with accounting software, aids supplier communication, and streamlines inventory management. Customization, SSO, and integrations enhance functionality. Likely.

ControlHub Vs.Procuredesk: Implementation Time

ControlHub offers a swift implementation process, typically taking only 1 to 2 days for setup. This rapid setup enables businesses to smoothly transition to improved procurement management without enduring extended disruptions.

ControlHub Vs.Procuredesk: Punchout Catalogs 

ControlHub Punchout Catalogs seamlessly integrate with various suppliers, including Amazon, McMaster-Carr, Digi-Key, Uline, and Mouser Electronics, streamlining procurement processes. On the flip side, ProcureDesk's Punchout Catalogs offers over 100 supplier integrations.

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