Purchase requisition software that not only creates requisition orders and compares quotes.

Seamlessly control the whole purchase requisition process in a single place. No Spreadsheets. No emails.No bottlenecks.

Create a Purchase Request

Purchase requisitions - As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Give it life on Slack

Streamline electronic purchase requisitions effortlessly! Our user-friendly purchase requisition software empowers every team member to submit spending requests and navigate approval workflows seamlessly.

Say goodbye to the hassle and embrace a comprehensive solution for smarter purchasing. Save time and worries with our easy-to-use platform.


Import shopping cart directly
into ControlHub


Compare Quotes

Empower your team with the power of choice: Compare Quotes or Opt for Preferred Vendors.


Approval Workflows for Better Control of Your Purchasing Processes

You can ensure that each step of the purchasing process goes through an efficient approval system, enabling you to maintain better control over your organization's spending.

Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace a streamlined approach to purchasing with ControlHub.


Achieve Financial Control with Comprehensive Expense Tracking

Take charge of your budget with our powerful expense-tracking solution. Gain valuable insights into your company spending as you effortlessly monitor purchases, visualize data by user, department, amount, and status (approved, pending, denied), and more.Stay on top of your finances like never before.


A world class procurement process
for your company in less than 24 hours


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding ControlHub's Purchase Requisition Software

What exactly is purchase requisition software?

It's like your trusty sidekick for all things procurement. Our software helps you create and manage purchase requisitions, streamline the approval process, compare quotes, and more. The best part? It's as easy as A, B, C!

How can your purchasing software help with the purchasing process?

ControlHub's Purchasing Software brings everything into one place, ditching the need for those pesky spreadsheets and emails. It's like having a virtual shopping cart that you can easily control and a streamlined process for managing purchase orders.

Does your software make creating requisitions easier?

Absolutely! We're all about making life simpler. With our software, creating purchase requisitions is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Plus, you can import your shopping cart from vendors such as Amazon, McMaster-Carr, DigiKey, and Mouser directly into ControlHub.

I'm all for better control. How can ControlHub help with that?

By introducing efficient approval workflows! With ControlHub, every purchasing process must go through a structured and personalized approval system, ensuring top-notch control over your organization's spending.

Can I compare quotes on your platform?

Yes, indeed! We believe in the power of choice. Our platform allows you to compare quotes and even opt for preferred vendors. It's all about empowering your team to make the best purchasing decisions.

Can we integrate your software into our communication platforms like Slack?

Absolutely! We understand that your team is used to specific tools, so we've made it possible to bring our software to life on Slack. It's all about seamless integration to make your life easier.

So, no more manual processes?

Say goodbye to the old, time-consuming manual ways. Purchasing software is about leveraging technology to make the purchasing process a breeze. It's like trading your old bicycle for a new, shiny sports car!

So, there you have it. All the answers to make your procurement process easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

What is a purchase requisition system?

A purchase requisition system is an organized way to handle procurement within a company. It's like a well-maintained highway that guides all your procurement needs, from creating purchase requisitions to getting them approved and everything in between.

What role does data play in your purchase requisition software?

Data is the heart and soul of our software. It helps you keep track of all requisitions, approvals, purchases, and more.

How does the approval process work in your software?

Our software offers a streamlined approval process where each purchase requisition is reviewed and either approved or denied. It's like a checkpoint ensuring that each purchase aligns with your company's policies and budget.

Can your software handle purchase orders too?

Absolutely! Once a purchase requisition gets approved, it can be transformed into a purchase order. It's like the approved shopping list you can take to the store.

Is your software only for requisition, or can it be used for other procurement processes?

Our software is a one-stop solution for all your procurement needs. Whether managing requisitions, purchase orders, comparing vendor quotes, or tracking expenses, it's got you covered.

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"It took us 1 to 3 days to get a purchasing request approved. Now with ControlHub, we get that done in about an hour. It made our process really easy to follow".
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