Policy-embedded Payment Solutions & Purchasing Cards

Give your teams full control of their finances with a variety of payment options, such as virtual cards, physical cards, and eChecks.

Company Policies + Virtual and
Corporate Cards under control

Single-use or Recurring
On/Off Switch
Budget Limits
Vendor Type

Create a new virtual card for every transaction

Say goodbye to employee reimbursements
• Pause or delete a card at any time
• Create it in minutes
• Great for online purchases and subscription.    services

Or, a card number for each vendor, purchase or event


eChecks and ACH

Easy payments for old fashioned vendors

FAQs: Mastering ControlHub's Payment feature for Proactive Spend Management

What options does ControlHub's Payments feature offer as payment methods?

With our feature, we've got all your payment needs covered! From virtual and physical cards to eChecks, you'll have all the payment options you need, ensuring your teams have complete financial control. 

Each transaction can have a unique virtual card or assign a card number for each vendor, purchase, or event.

Can I establish spending limits with ControlHub's Payments?

Absolutely, and we make it super easy! With our built-in Budget Limits tool, you can effectively manage and monitor spending, providing an extra layer of financial safety. This tool ensures your teams adhere to the predefined spending limits, enhancing your financial control.

Does ControlHub integrate with my existing accounting software?

Yes, indeed! We understand the importance of seamless integration. Our software will smoothly blend with your existing accounting software, such as Quickbooks and Netsuire, ensuring a hassle-free experience and improved financial management.

Can I manage my business credit cards through ControlHub?

You bet! ControlHub empowers you to efficiently manage your virtual cards, also known as virtual corporate cards. Plus, you can create a new virtual card for every transaction and pause or delete a card anytime. It's all about giving you control.

How does ControlHub’s payment feature improve the purchasing process?

ControlHub makes your purchasing process as smooth as silk. It embeds your company's policies into every purchase, ensuring compliance while reducing the chance of errors. It also simplifies the approval process and purchase orders, bringing order to the chaos!

How can I manage my accounts payable?

Managing your accounts payable becomes a cakewalk. ControlHub offers you a complete view of your payable accounts, streamlining the payment process and reducing manual work. Plus, easy payments for vendors with eChecks and ACH.

What about expense reports? How is this process made easier?

It is all about simplifying your life! ControlHub offers seamless integration with expense reporting, allowing you to reconcile payments and maintain accurate, real-time reports automatically. Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and manual entries!

Do I have control over transaction limits?

Yes, you do! You can set transaction limits based on various parameters such as vendor type, timeframe, etc. It provides a secure and flexible way to manage your finances effectively.

How does ControlHub handle purchasing and procurement cards?

ControlHub is designed to provide full control over your purchasing and procurement cards (p cards). From single-use to recurring usage, you can regulate the use of these cards in line with your company's policies and budget constraints. It's time to experience financial control like never before!

Can I integrate and manage p cards from a single place using ControlHub?

Yes, you can! P cards, or purchasing cards, are vital to any hardware-centric company's financial landscape. 

Our payments feature includes an easy-to-use interface for managing your p cards. This tool allows you to set limits, track expenses, and even streamline the approval process. It's a one-stop solution for all your p card needs!

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