Spend Management Software

Finally a simple way to manage budgets and avoid over spending
  • Visualize what portion of your budget has been spent before approving your team’s requests
  • Setup budgets by Department,
    Project, Vendor, Location, etc.
  • Never go accidentally over-budget again

Budget Analytics

Empower your company’s ‘Budget Owners’ with Analytics and Rich Data Reports

FAQs: Unleashing the Power of Proactive Spend Management

Simplify your financial management with our Spend Management Software. It's your ultimate partner for maintaining budgets and mitigating overspending. Unleash the power of proactive, efficient financial planning – all in one user-friendly interface.

How Can I Choose the Best Spend Management Software for My Business?

The ideal spend management software varies according to each business's unique needs. For a comprehensive solution, ControlHub offers functionalities such as controlling, requesting, approving, purchasing, paying, and reconciling. These features make it a proactive tool in managing your company funds effectively.

How Can ControlHub Assist with Regulating Employee Spending?

ControlHub brings structure and clarity to employee spending. Employees can submit purchase orders for approval, receiving immediate feedback on their requests. This process promotes transparency and control, enabling employees to adhere to their assigned budget limits.

Can ControlHub Offer a Detailed View of Company Purchases?

Absolutely! ControlHub lets you set up budgets by department, project, vendor, location, etc. Once established, managers can effortlessly oversee team budgets and track changes, eliminating the need for complicated spreadsheets.

In What Way Can ControlHub Optimize My Business Expenses?

ControlHub integrates with your existing accounting software such as QuickBooks, and Netsuite, creating a centralized hub for all your budgets. This feature allows you to have a real-time overview of budget progress and concentrate on areas that need attention.

How Does ControlHub Facilitate Maintaining Budget Limits?

ControlHub's smart approval workflows are the answer. Managers can review and make decisions on purchase orders from anywhere, ensuring the efficient and controlled use of company funds, thus maintaining budget limits. 

How Does ControlHub Enhance Spend Controls and Company Card Management?

Absolutely! ControlHub also has a virtual cards solution, which keeps your budgets updated in real time. This smart integration not only supercharges your expense tracking but also empowers you with instant financial reporting. Stay informed, stay in control with ControlHub's Spend Management Software.

Can I Automate the Approval Process in ControlHub?

Definitely! ControlHub allows for the automation of approval processes. This feature reduces manual tasks and enables managers to make quick, informed decisions, thereby saving time for other critical activities.

How Does ControlHub Simplify the Preparation of My Business's Expense Reports?

ControlHub's automation capabilities take the hassle out of preparing expense reports. The system streamlines the tracking of business expenses and manages the payment process, eliminating the need for manual data entry and complex spreadsheets.

How Can ControlHub Improve Procurement Management?

ControlHub's procurement management system includes optical character recognition for purchase orders and a real-time spend analysis overview. These features make your procurement process more efficient and accurate.

Can ControlHub Integrate with My Existing Accounting Software?

Indeed! ControlHub integrates smoothly with commonly used accounting software like Quickbooks Online, and also with SaaS ERP tools like Netsuite.

How Can ControlHub Boost My Spend Analysis?

ControlHub's robust data reporting tools allow you to visualize your spending before approving your team’s requests. This feature supports a proactive approach to budgeting.

How Does ControlHub Streamline Payment Processes and Business Purchases?

ControlHub simplifies the payment process with a unified platform for all business purchases. Employees can submit purchase orders which managers can then swiftly approve or deny. The software immediately updates following any transactions, ensuring accurate tracking of company funds.

How Can I Test Drive ControlHub?

You can schedule a demo or watch a video tutorial on our website. Once you get a taste of ControlHub's functionalities, you'll appreciate the control, visibility, and efficiency it brings to your business operations.

Remember: proactive management of your company's funds doesn't have to be a dream. With ControlHub's Spend Management Software, you can say goodbye to overspending, opacity, and cumbersome processes. ControlHub is here to revolutionize your spending management.

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