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Simplify your entire purchasing journey with Purchasing Software that empowers you to Control, Request, Approve, Purchase, Pay, and Reconcile—the key to unlocking Proactive Spend Management. and increasing the levels of productivity of your procurement team with Control Hub.

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Procurement Software designed to fit your needs: much more than a digital purchase order system

Take control of the entire procurement process and supplier management. Dive into Proactive Spend Management, Track Every Penny, Eliminate Paperwork, Match Orders, and Pay Vendors — All Before Finishing Your First Cup of Coffee.

Create Purchase Requests

Start the purchasing process by creating a purchase request. With ControlHub, your team has the best procurement software to generate and track POs in a single place.

No Spreadsheets. No emails. No bottlenecks.

Shopping cart import
Quote Comparison
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Purchase Request Approval

Unlock the power of approval workflows and regain control over your company expenses.

With personalized approvals and purchasing workflows, your team anticipates and authorizes spending before it occurs and makes informed purchasing decisions while staying within budget.

Create personalized purchase orders approval workflows by amount, department, project, location etc.

Custom Flows
Slack Approvals
Quote Comparison
Budget Tracking
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One-click Purchase Orders (POs).

Streamline procurement operations with automated PO creation. Say goodbye to manual data entry reduce cycle times, stop wasting resources on repetitive tasks, and enjoy a hassle-free purchasing process.

Eliminate laborious data entry and embrace a seamless purchasing process.

Automatic PO Creation
PO Transmissions
Shipping Tracking
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Purchase Orders Receiving

Ensure you get exactly what you ordered by effortlessly tracking deliveries, recipients, and timestamps.

Packing Slip upload: ControlHub is your personal memory keeper, diligently recording all items your team procures so that the person receiving the goods can quickly check them off as they arrive.

Invoice collection: Say goodbye to invoice chaos! Consolidate and organize all your invoices in one convenient location. Rest easy knowing that each invoice is seamlessly linked to the entire procurement process.

Packing Slip
Invoice Collection
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Invoice Matching + Payment

Experience peace of mind with our thorough three-way matching process.

You will only be billed for what you requested, approved, and received.

Although it may seem too good to be true, we assure you that it's the real deal. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Ok to pay validation
Physical card
eChecks and ACH
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ERP systems integrations

Say goodbye to manual data entry and tedious tasks.

Our integrations enable automatic synchronization, across your financial systems, ensuring that all requests and transactions are imported into QuickBooks or NetSuite without any extra effort on your part.

Quickbooks ready!
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Transform Your Procurement Process with Powerful Purchasing Management Software

Benefit from real-time data synchronization and seamless integration with your existing systems, ensuring smooth information flow. Take control of your budgets, track orders, and manage suppliers effortlessly through our user-friendly interface.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Procurement Software and how can it benefit my hardware company?

Purchasing Software, also known as a procurement management system, is a powerful tool designed to streamline your procurement process and enhance your supply chain management. By automating tasks such as purchase order management, purchase requisitions, and expense management, it saves time, improves accuracy, and boosts efficiency.

Top procurement software, such as ControlHub, ensures proactive spend management and empowers your company to make informed purchasing decisions, improving your supplier relationships along the way.

How does this software automate the procurement process?

Procurement software automates aspects of the procurement process, by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence ,including but not limited to purchase requisitions, purchase order management, and purchase order approvals.

By leveraging the capabilities of procurement software, you can eliminate manual paperwork, reduce errors, and accelerate the purchasing cycle. Relying on a procurement management software provides a seamless and efficient workflow that simplifies your procurement operations to maximize operational efficiency.

How can Control Hub's software help with Budget Tracking and Spend Analytics?

One of the key features of a procurement system software is its ability to provide valuable spend analytics. By capturing and analyzing data related to your company's purchasing activities, it offers insights into your spending patterns, vendor performance, and cost-saving opportunities along the purchasing processes.

Empower your team to make data-driven decisions and turn purchasing into a breeze with spend analysis done right..

Can it integrate with online accounting software?

Absolutely! Purchasing Software often integrates seamlessly with popular online accounting software such as QuickBooks and Netsuite.

This integration ensures that your procurement data, including purchase orders and expenses, is synchronized with your accounting system in real-time. It eliminates the need for manual data entry, reduces errors, and provides a holistic view of your supplier management company's financials.

How does Procurement Software streamline purchase order approvals?

With Purchasing Software, the purchase order approval process becomes streamlined and efficient. This order management software allows you to create personalized purchase order approval workflows based on factors such as amount, department, project, or location.

By setting up automated approval processes, you can ensure that purchase orders are authorized promptly, reducing delays and bottlenecks in your procurement cycle.

Can it help with AP automation?

Of course! It often includes AP (Accounts Payable) automation capabilities. Purchasing Software automates invoice processing, payment reconciliation, and vendor management, making your AP processes more efficient and accurate.

By integrating AP automation with your Purchasing Software, you can streamline your financial operations, reduce manual tasks, and improve cash flow management.

How does this software contribute to expense management?

Control Hub's software plays a significant role in expense management by providing tools to track, monitor, and control company expenses. It allows you to capture and categorize expenses, automate approval workflows, and generate comprehensive expense reports.

By centralizing expense management within the procurement software, you can gain better visibility into your company's spending and implement cost-saving measures. Remember, implementing Control Hub's Software is a strategic decision that can transform your hardware-centric company's procurement process.

It automates tasks, enhances efficiency, and provides valuable insights through spend analytics. Embrace the power of procurement software and unlock the potential for growth and success!
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