Take the guesswork out of your Purchase Order Receiving process

Track each purchase order from initiation to delivery—know what you bought, who received it, and when.

Ensure you are getting
what you ordered

Upload a picture of the packing slip

Snap and upload a photo of your packing slip. We keep a record of all purchased items, enabling recipients to quickly verify arrivals against orders.


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FAQs - Purchase Order Receiving with ControlHub!

What is Purchase Order Receiving all about?

Great place to start! Our Purchase Order Receiving feature allows you to see exactly what was delivered, who received it, and when it happened. It's like having a bird's eye view of your company's purchasing process, taking the guesswork out of the equation!

How can I ensure I receive what I ordered?

We've got you covered there! Just upload a picture of the packing slip. ControlHub keeps a record of each PO item purchased, enabling the person receiving the goods to check them off instantly. It's all about bringing order to order fulfillment!

Is there a way to manage all documents related to the purchasing process?

With ControlHub, you're streamlining your process and adopting the best procurement practices. We help you keep all your important documents - from purchase requisitions to invoices - in one place.

How does ControlHub ensure I get everything in the procurement process?

No need to worry about things slipping through the cracks! Every purchase goes through our three-way match process. We automatically confirm that you'll pay only for what you requested, approved, and received. It's our foolproof recipe for an efficient purchasing process.

What's unique about ControlHub's Purchase Order Receiving feature?

Our Purchase Order Receiving feature turns the concept of "item receipt" on its head! We don't just track the item cost and line items; we dive deep into the purchase order process, ensuring every detail is accounted for. With us, you're not just tracking orders; you're tracking success!

Can ControlHub help me get a grip on my Purchase Order Process?

Absolutely! From the moment a purchase requisition is made to the point of order fulfillment, we've got your back. It's all about giving you control and visibility over your PO numbers, packing slips, and line items. So yes, you can control your purchase order process like a pro with ControlHub!

Can I see how ControlHub works before I commit?

We thought you'd never ask! We'd love to show you the ropes. Just request a demo, and we'll give you a guided tour of ControlHub's Purchase Order Receiving feature. It's time to unlock proactive spend management, one PO item at a time!

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"It took us 1 to 3 days to get a purchasing request approved. Now with ControlHub, we get that done in about an hour. It made our process really easy to follow".
Manufacturing Company
Purchasing Manager
"ControlHub has streamlined our back-office work and helped us enforce a purchase approval system that is easy to use".
Robotics Company
"ControlHub is super simple to use. We love it!"
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