Inventory and Procurement Management Software

Take control of your inventory levels, minimize out-of-stocks, and sync warehouse stock levels with purchasing tasks. Whether you're a small business or an enterprise-level corporation, ensure efficient inventory control and smooth procurement processes.

Automate inventory levels when purchases are received

Never again let out-of-stock situations hinder your business growth again.Sync your stock levels with your purchasing activities.

With cloud-based software, you'll experience seamless purchasing automation that ensures your inventory levels remain optimal at all times.

No more manual guesswork or time-consuming calculations.


Many Warehouses. One Inventory.

Effortlessly streamline inventory management across multiple locations with our multi-location inventory solution.

Centralize crucial information, track products, and manage stock levels, all within a single, easy-to-use platform.

Manage inventory, control costs, and maintain stock levels for growing businesses and larger enterprises.


Stay Ahead with Low Inventory Alerts

Stay informed with automatic alerts for low inventory. Receive timely notifications for restocking. This smart feature prevents stockouts and streamlines the supply chain.

ControlHub offers key features such as automated purchase order management, streamlined inventory control, and accounting system integration.

Experience dynamic inventory processes, eliminate manual tasks, and manage suppliers easily. Embrace efficiency with cloud-based solutions.


A world class procurement process
for your company in less than 24 hours


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the 1-Click Purchase Order software, and how does it relate to purchase order and inventory management software?

Our 1-Click Purchase Order software, a standout feature of ControlHub, revolutionizes inventory and purchasing software by enabling instant creation of a purchase order immediately after a Purchase Request is generated. This procurement and inventory management software not only speeds up the procurement process but also streamlines the creation, approval, and delivery of purchase orders. It effectively eliminates manual processes, transforming them into a more efficient and automated workflow, ensuring real-time inventory tracking and facilitating seamless purchase order process management.

What are the key features of ControlHub's purchasing inventory software for managing purchase orders?

ControlHub's software, a comprehensive purchase order management system, offers a centralized platform with advanced inventory control system capabilities, including comprehensive filtering options and real-time updates on inventory levels. This inventory and purchase order software simplifies management, aiding in more informed decision-making and maintaining optimal stock levels, crucial for businesses of all sizes.

What makes this the best purchase order software?

Our software sets itself apart as the best inventory purchasing software by integrating seamlessly with accounting software like QuickBooks and ERP systems such as NetSuite, This facilitates a smooth workflow and efficient finance management, acting like a digital assistant for purchase order management. It’s a complete solution that enhances efficiency and productivity, making it a powerful tool for business owners.

How does the 1-Click Purchase Order help my business embrace digital transformation?

This electronic purchase order system digitizes your procurement process, embodying the essence of a modern procurement and inventory management software. From the creation to the delivery of purchase orders, everything is simplified, representing a procurement revolution with a cloud-based solution. It's a future-proof and scalable system, enabling businesses to embrace digital transformation with enhanced speed, efficiency, accuracy, and real-time inventory tracking, stepping into the future of purchase order management.

What exactly does "order management" mean in the context of the 1-Click Purchase Order software?

Order management refers to the tracking and managing of your purchase orders from initiation to completion within a single, convenient platform. This purchase order module allows for instant visibility into transaction details and stock levels, ensuring you're always informed of your inventory purchase and order statuses.

What distinguishes the 1-Click Purchase Order software from other inventory management systems?

Our inventory purchasing software excels in efficiency, ease of use, and seamless integration with ERP systems and QuickBooks Commerce, eliminating any lack of integration issues. It’s not just about purchase orders; it’s a holistic purchasing management solution that addresses manual processes, supports purchase approvals with customizable approval limits, and offers real-time inventory tracking, making it a complete solution for retail inventory management systems.

Is this purchasing software accessible to all members of my procurement team?

Absolutely! Designed with user-friendliness in mind, our software caters to business sizes ranging from small to large, enabling collaboration across the board. It offers clear interfaces, customization options, personalized approval workflows, and email notifications, promoting efficiency and customer satisfaction among procurement teams.

How does this purchase order management software address common issues faced by buyers?

By offering real-time updates, instant error checking, and enhanced communication between team members, managers, and suppliers, our software minimizes common issues such as lost orders, incorrect items, and delays. It ensures a smooth transaction process, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and supporting effective finance team operations.

Does the purchase system feature budget-tracking capabilities?

Indeed, it includes comprehensive budget-tracking features, allowing you to monitor spending, observe trends, and set alerts for budget limits. This feature is crucial for effective financial management, ensuring alignment with finance teams, and supporting detailed job costing and transaction management, making it an essential tool for business owners and their accounting teams.

Learn more about this budget-tracking feature.
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