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Fast Approvals on Slack
Leverage Slack workflows for quick approval messages and decisions, reducing purchasing time significantly. This automated approval process eliminates manual processes, making it the perfect solution for vendor approvals.Build robust purchase requests any time!

Unlimited Purchase Requests & Users
Empower your procurement and finance teams with unlimited requests and requester users, at no cost. Our platform supports custom workflows, ensuring that your accounting software and inventory management systems are seamlessly integrated.

Always FREE
Enjoy our features, including custom apps and workflow builder capabilities, without any fees.

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Unified Platform
Say goodbye to fragmented email threads. Manage all approval requests and stages in one centralized Slack workspace, utilizing our workflow for approval processes.

This centralization is key to efficient inventory management and accounts payable operations.

Real-Time Collaboration
Enable your team members to collaborate instantly, ensuring that procurement decisions are made swiftly and efficiently.

Our Slack integration fosters real-time collaboration, enhancing the workflow for approval processes.

Fast & Collaborative Approvals

Give your team what they need, when they need it

Empower Your Team
Provide your team with the tools they need for flexible approval, quick approvals, and efficient tracking, all within critical time frames.

Our solution for vendor approvals and automated approval process tools are designed to streamline your finance department's operations.

Easy Integration
With easy integration between Slack, NetSuite, and ControlHub, streamline your finance department's workflow, from purchase requests to expense reports.

This integration supports effective inventory management and simplifies accounts payable tasks.

Need POs but not ready to go premium?

Our tool is designed to support your company's procurement needs, regardless of budget constraints.

Integrating seamlessly with your existing accounting software and inventory management systems

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