Automate your entire purchasing process with Purchase Order software that suits your needs

Create a new digital purchase order request and leave the rest of the purchase order process to us.

1-Click Purchase Orders: Simplify and Streamline Your Procurement Process

Revolutionize your procurement process with 1-Click Purchase Orders.

You create the request, we automatically create and send the PO to your vendor.

Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming paperwork of the traditional purchasing process.


All purchase requests, centralized.

Easily go through your history of requests
and purchases. Filter them by time, approval-
status, amount, keyword, etc.


Shipping Tracking

Gain insights into your shipment's status at every step of its journey.

You've made your request, we've sent the PO, and now you get to keep a keen eye on its progress.

Purchase Tracking doesn't just let you follow your orders; it immerses you in a real-time, transparent shipping experience.


A world class procurement process
for your company in less than 24 hours


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 1-Click Purchase Order software all about?

Our 1-Click Purchase Order software is a ControlHub feature that allows you to create a purchase order instantly after a Purchase Request is generated. It speeds up your procurement process, streamlining purchase order creation, approval, and delivery. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and embrace a more efficient and automated workflow.

What features does this ControlHub’s purchasing software offer for managing purchase orders?

The software provides a centralized platform for managing purchase orders with comprehensive filtering options and real-time updates. This simplifies the management process and helps you make more informed decisions.

What makes this the best purchase order software?

Aside from streamlining your purchase orders, our software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks and NetSuite, facilitating a smooth and productive workflow with the systems you already have in place. It's like having a digital assistant specifically for purchase order management.

How does the 1-Click Purchase Order help my business embrace digital transformation?

Our electronic purchase order system digitizes your procurement process, simplifying everything from the creation to the delivery of purchase orders. It's a modern-day procurement revolution!

The software is future-proof and scalable, adapting to your evolving needs. Embrace digital transformation for enhanced speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Step into the future of purchase order management and unlock productivity and success with ControlHub.

What exactly does "order management" mean in the context of the 1-Click Purchase Order software?

Order management means tracking and managing your purchase orders from start to finish, all in one convenient platform. You can always know what's happening and where every order is at a glance.

What separates 1-Click Purchase Order from other management software?

Our software prioritizes efficiency, ease of use, and integration. It's not just a purchase order tool; it's a holistic purchasing management solution encompassing purchase requests, purchase approvals, 1-click purchase order creation, purchase receiving, and ERP integrations, among other great features.

Will my entire procurement team be able to this purchasing software?

Yes! Our software is designed to be user-friendly for everyone on your team. It promotes collaboration with clear interfaces, customizable access levels, and personalized approval workflows.

How can this purchase order management software solve standard buyer issues?

Our software minimizes issues such as lost orders, incorrect items, and delays by providing real-time information and instant error checking. It enhances communication between team members, managers, and suppliers to ensure a smooth transaction.

Does this purchase system include budget-tracking features?

Indeed, it does! You can track spending, monitor trends, and set alerts for budget limits. This makes financial management easy.

Learn more about this budget-tracking feature.
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"It took us 1 to 3 days to get a purchasing request approved. Now with ControlHub, we get that done in about an hour. It made our process really easy to follow".
Manufacturing Company
Purchasing Manager
"ControlHub has streamlined our back-office work and helped us enforce a purchase approval system that is easy to use".
Robotics Company
"ControlHub is super simple to use. We love it!"
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