Netsuite and Quickbooks integration with purchase software that empowers your team  

Streamline your financial operations with our accounting automation software. Say hello to seamless transaction syncing, eliminate manual tasks, and ensure audit-readiness.

Amplify Your Netsuite & Quickbooks Capabilities


A friendly user interface
for Purchasing and AP

Benefit from a user-friendly interface designed to optimize purchasing and accounts payable processes, seamlessly integrating with your existing systems.


Engage the Whole Team Beyond Netsuite & Quickbooks

Our platform fosters inclusive financial management by allowing your wider team to participate in the financial workflow, all while keeping primary accounting within Netsuite and Quickbooks.


Frequently Asked Questions: ControlHub's Accounting Automation Software

Freeing Your Accounting Team – Why should I consider accounting automation for my business?

Our hard-working accounting teams deserve a little TLC, right? ControlHub's accounting automation software syncs all transactions with your accounting software automatically. We're not just lightening their load but also getting your company audit-ready. It's the modern accounting playbook you've been waiting for!

Unlocking the Power of Quickbooks and Netsuite – How does ControlHub's software maximize my ERP investment?

Quickbooks and Netsuite are powerful tools, and ControlHub elevates that power. We've integrated our software to speed up your financial close, boost accounting accuracy, and ensure real-time transaction syncing. No more copying information from tool to tool - say hello to a seamlessly integrated financial stack!

Streamlining Spend Management – Why integrate spend management with ControlHub?

ERPs like Quickbooks and Netsuite are fabulous for data-driven organizations. The tricky part, however, is getting all the company spend data into these systems. ControlHub provides an easy, intuitive way for team members to make purchases, all while keeping the finance team in control. Say goodbye to manual data entry, and say hello to accurate, up-to-date information.

An Inside Look at the ControlHub ERP Integration – How does the ControlHub - Quickbooks/Netsuite integration work?

Imagine sending spend data from ControlHub to Quickbooks or Netsuite in just a few clicks. With our software, you choose the time period, push the changes to the ERP, and voila! Your invoice payments are handled from request to payment confirmation, all the way to syncing with Quickbooks or Netsuite. Your audit and reporting information is instantly synced, too. We call this feature 'Audit ready'.

How ControlHub Benefits Finance Teams – What benefits can I expect when integrating ControlHub with Quickbooks or Netsuite?

ControlHub can help you achieve faster closing times, more accurate accounting data, time and resource savings, and real-time transaction syncing. No more chasing people for receipts or waiting for actuals to update budgets. With ControlHub, you're looking at more efficient and strategic financial operations.

The Beauty of Accounting Automation – What makes ControlHub's software an effective accounting automation tool?

ControlHub's software doesn't just automate accounting tasks—it's like your neighborhood superhero swooping in to save the day! With this tool, repetitive tasks are a thing of the past. We're turning tedious into terrific with efficient, automatic invoice processing.

The Human Touch in Accounting – What measures does ControlHub take to ensure accounting accuracy?

Our tool is specifically designed to ensure precision in accounting workflows. We take pride in how our automation reduces the potential for human error and improves record-keeping. With accurate expense tracking, ControlHub offers peace of mind for your accounting operations.

Juggling Your Financial Data – How does ControlHub handle data workflows?

Data management is a cornerstone of our software. Whether dealing with data entry tasks or managing data transfers between systems, ControlHub has got you covered. From handling purchase orders and journal entries to simplifying bank reconciliation, our tool is designed to make your data workflow smoother and more efficient.

ControlHub's Take on Expense Management – How does ControlHub revolutionize expense tracking and management?

We aim to turn what used to be a chore into an intuitive process. Our bookkeeping features provide real-time monitoring of expenses and a modern, user-friendly interface for managing your company's financial data. With ControlHub, your expense management becomes less of a hunt for missing receipts and more of a streamlined, enjoyable process.

Remember, you're always welcome to request a demo to see these features in action. Let's bring the joy back into accounting!

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