Mouser Electronics Punchout Catalog: ControlHub Guide

Who's Mouser Electronics? - Simplified Overview

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is a top company for making electronic parts and semiconductors, boasting a broad product offering solutions. They offer a huge selection of products, including AC-DC front end power supplies and backup power systems, catering to many industries like automotive, aerospace, and home electronics. Mouser is known for helping design engineers and buyers by offering new technologies, design flexibility, and a wide range of parts, including active items, bulky items, and their busiest items.

They have over six million products, including offerings from Mouser APAC and Cinch Connectivity Solutions, making them a go-to source for electronic components with a wide range of application versatility. What's special about Mouser is their online search catalogue feature. This online catalog, which includes catalog by keyword and catalog HK options, helps you quickly find and compare products from leading manufacturers, saving time and effort in choosing the right parts for your business. Their catalog in print and catalog sales services are complemented by first-class customer service, ensuring that they meet future requirements of their clients.

Mouser's commitment to providing solutions for typical applications in various sectors, combined with their award for performance and award in recognition of their excellence, positions them as a leader in the industry. Whether you're a battery company, one of the cheap companies looking for cost-effective solutions, or in need of automation services, Mouser's extensive product range and reference design support offer unparalleled design flexibility and efficiency

What's a Punchout Catalog? - Understanding the Tool

Punchout catalogs are a vital tool for businesses to make buying easier. They connect with a company's ERP system, letting employees find and order what they need without leaving their internal procurement system. These catalogs save time and money by making it easy to look for products and compare prices. 

They also help businesses track spending, as employees can see their buying history and order status easily. Mouser's alternative catalog viewer offers an enhanced catalog experience, catering to minimal requirements and specific procurement system requirements. Their cart summary feature, indicating 'Cart Contains Sch...', simplifies online shopping, while their extensive selection of semiconductors and automation solutions assures class service for every design engineer.

Did you know ?

Create a Purchase Request in ControlHub

  1. Name Your Purchase Request

  1. Select Mouser from your trusted vendors list

  1. Select the products needed

  1. Fill your cart

  1. Go to the Checkout Page

  1. Your Mouser-Carr items will be automatically imported to ControlHub, generating automatically your Purchasing Request. 

  1. Submit for Approval and wait for the confirmation to purchase the requested items.

Benefits of Integrating Punchout Catalog with Mouser - Direct Benefits

Using Punchout Catalog and Mouser Electronics together brings many advantages. It boosts efficiency, accuracy, and gives better insight into your business processes. If you're aiming to enhance your business operations, this integration is a practical option to consider. This approach is especially beneficial for businesses seeking automation services and looking to meet future requirements in a cost-effective way.

Enhanced Accuracy - Streamlined Operations

Integrating Punchout Catalog with Mouser Electronics can enhance your business's efficiency and accuracy while providing clearer insight into operations. Linking your ERP system with Mouser Electronics simplifies the ordering process, ensuring you receive the most current and precise information on product pricing and availability. This is vital for companies like battery companies and those requiring specific components like AC-DC front end power supplies.

Greater Precision - Error Reduction

This integration minimizes the need for manual data entry, reducing time and cost. It also helps prevent mistakes common in manual data handling. Furthermore, this connection provides real-time updates on pricing and availability, enabling you to make well-informed decisions. This feature is particularly useful for businesses requiring backup power solutions and those valuing application versatility.

Improved Clarity - Informed Decisions

By integrating Punchout Catalog and Mouser Electronics, buyers gain clearer visibility into the purchasing process. This unified information source allows buyers to compare prices easily, explore alternatives, and make better purchasing decisions. Such clarity is crucial for businesses that prioritize class customer service and those looking for cheap companies without compromising on quality. This integration might also be recognized with an award for performance or an award in recognition of its effectiveness in meeting the busiest items' demands in various typical applications.

How can I use Mouser Electronics PunchOut Catalog?

ControlHub is the purchasing software for hardware companies that gives companies the ability to automatically access Mouser Electronics PunchOut Catalogs. This means that hardware companies can easily get the parts and components they need, when they need them, in one place.In addition, ControlHub offers a number of other features that make it an essential tool for hardware companies. For example, ControlHub gives companies the ability to manage multiple PunchOut Catalogs from one central location. This can save a lot of time and hassle when it comes to ordering parts and components.Another great feature of ControlHub is the ability to track order history. This means that you can easily see what parts and components have been ordered in the past, and how much was spent on each order. This information can be very helpful when it comes to budgeting for future purchases.

How it works


  • Import shopping cart from Mouser to ControlHub to make the Purchase Request using Punchout CXML
  • Purchase Request is approved in ControlHub (EDI)
  • Once approved, ControlHub sends Purchase Order (PO) to Mouser
  • Mouser sends shipping notice to ControlHub (ASN) - (EDI)
  • Product arrives to customer to do the receiving process in ControlHub
  • Mouser sends invoice via ControlHub
  • ControlHub automatically processes the invoice (EDI), and generates a 3-way match (PO - Receiving - Invoice)
  • Customer pays Mouser via ACH or Virtual Cards
  • All is documented in ControlHub and synced to ERP (Netsuite or Quickbooks)


Create a Purchase Request in ControlHub

How much time does the implementation take?

Integrating with ControlHub is straightforward and can be completed in just a few business days. Optional steps to make your Mouser integration robust:


  • ERP Integration:ControlHub can connect to your existing Quickbooks or Netsuite account. This will allow us to automatically import purchase orders (POs) and Invoices from Mouser to your ERP.
  • Custom purchasing policy creation:ControlHub will work with you to create custom approval policies that match your company's specific needs and workflows. This includes approval limits, spending thresholds, and any other business rule your company requires.
  • User roles assignment:Within ControlHub, you can assign roles and permissions to users based on your company's functions and org-chart. This will ensure that only the appropriate people are able to make purchase requests, approvals and POs.
  • Department/project/category creation for reporting purposes:We'll set up departments, projects, and categories to match your company's reporting needs. This will make it super easy to generate Reports by Department, Team, Project, Category, Expense type, etc.
  • Bullet-proof Audit Logs. All purchasing activity in ControlHub is recorded, providing your team with all the documentation required for audit and compliance purposes.

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