Pay only for what you requested, approved, and received.

Pay invoices as usual, or generate virtual and corporate cards for simple transactions

Liberate your Accounting team
from manual tasks

Automated 3-Way match to ensure you
only pay, what's OK to pay.
Approved Request or PO
Picture of Packing Slip
• Getting blindsided by surprise invoices
• Manual entry of invoices to AP system
• Chasing invoices & receipts
• Automating the 3-way matching
• Auto-import to AP
• Automated collection process

Company Policies + Virtual and
Corporate Cards under control

Single-use or Recurring
On/Off Switch
Budget Limits
Vendor Type

Create a new virtual card for every transaction

Say goodbye to employee reimbursements
• Pause or delete a card at any time
• Create it in minutes
• Great for online purchases and subscription.    services

Or, a card number for each vendor, purchase or event

Good ol' checks and ACH

Easy payments for old fashioned vendors

Here's what our customers have to say

"It took us 1 to 3 days to get a purchasing request approved. Now with ControlHub, we get that done in about an hour. It made our process really easy to follow".
Manufacturing Company
Purchasing Manager
"ControlHub has streamlined our back-office work and helped us enforce a purchase approval system that is easy to use".
Robotics Company
"ControlHub is super simple to use. We love it!"
Services Company