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Is there an Admin view to see all activity in my company?
Yes. You can see your company’s Dashboard, Reports and other Analytics in your Admin Site.

*Please note this feature is only available for paid plans
Where is the Admin Site?

You can access our Admin Tools and Admin Site by clicking on their respective button right on the ControlHub app in Slack.

Inside the Admin Tools window, you should be able to:

  • Do basic tasks such as adding Users and Admins
  • Go to the Admin Site (click on the Admin Site button), where you can access your Dashboard, Reports and other advanced settings.
Can I export reports to Excel?

Yes. In the Admin Site, go to the Reports section.

There, you can filter reports based on multiple criteria, including Dates, Teams, Requester Names, Accounting categories, etc.

Once you have your customized report report ready, click on the Export button

You should be able to download your data as an Excel file + other options (CSV, PDF and HTML).

What's my username & password for the Admin Site?

We hate passwords, therefore, we have built ControlHub without them. People forget them all the time, and they are not very secureInstead, you can seamlessly and securely login to the Admin Site by using Slack’s Single Sign-on

*(Logging into Slack will depend on your company’s specific Slack login settings)

How do I add custom approval rules?

Send us your desired new rules’ logic by email and we’ll help you set them up asap!

I need help, how do I contact you?

The best way is to click on the Help & Feedback button in the ControlHub Slack app, which will show you direct ways to contact us.

→ Otherwise, you can also fill a contact form here with your help request.We’ll be very happy to help!

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