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Types of purchase orders

So you have achieved your dream of launching your robotics company, and changing the world is at the top of your list. You have mind-blowing designs, building things that will ultimately make the world a better place. As the director of engineering at the company, you have a lot on your plate; you spend a lot of time on managerial duties. Still, with the startup's growth, you have more employees to manage, the working processes keep changing, and you also have to deal with replacing anything that breaks and sourcing for materials. 

This means you have to take up another role of procuring hardware for your team. While it makes more sense to have procurement teams do that for you, the burden falls on you since you don't have the capacity. 

We admit that adding purchasing to the list of roles you have to do can be daunting, and that is where our purchasing platform comes in. What is a purchasing platform, you ask. Well, we have you covered. 

A purchasing software is an online marketplace that helps businesses automate purchasing, making it easier to get supplies and services. The platform streamlines the procurement process facilitating operations between companies, corporations, and governments. 

With a purchasing platform, you can:

  • Easily manage vendors. Since everything is done on the platform, you have an easy time handling the vendors for the hardware you need. All records are kept up to date, and you have more control over your suppliers. The platform also gives the buyer options you can choose from, saving you tons of money in the process. You have the power to select the vendor with the best prices and, wherever necessary, negotiate for better rates.
  • Automate the purchasing process. The purchasing platform makes it easier to make purchases for your startup company. The platform eliminates the need for human input, saving you time and resources that you would otherwise spend manually preparing procurement documents. 
  • Simplify the procurement process. Using the platform, you can complete the purchasing process faster, ensuring that the products you need are also delivered to you in good time. With the platform, you can get more done in minimal time, allowing you to focus on more demanding tasks. 
  • Eliminate the risk of supply shortages. One of the stressful things that can happen to you in your production line is running out of the hardware needed to manufacture your submarine, robots, or unmanned aerial vehicles. The supply chain is always open using the platform, as the software can be programmed to track the supplies' quantities. When it gets to a certain threshold, you will be notified, and you can send out new supply orders. 
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  • Monitor spending. Regarding startups like yours, there is a problem; you have to strike a balance between cutting down the purchasing process or overspending. Using the purchasing platform, you can put an eye on the orders, not going overboard with the budget, while at the same time ensuring that you buy everything you need without making double purchases. It also helps you get rid of indirect spending. 
  • Increase openness. Using paper spreadsheets for your procurement makes it challenging to track what is working and what’s not. The platform helps you know where you could save some money and organize the purchasing process. 
  • Streamline the relationships between you and the suppliers. The platform allows you to foster excellent relations with the vendors. You can easily record the supplier’s history and performance data, store their invoices for payment and send collective purchase orders with just one click. The purchasing platform also helps you eliminate any risk of invoice fraud.

As the company's director, you probably don't need to start dealing with the crucial, albeit taxing, work of purchasing for your firm. The beauty is that with the platform, you don't need to spend many hours manually making and sending the orders for the hardware you need.

Control Hub enables you to request, approve, purchase, pay, and reconcile your books, all on our platform. This makes your work more manageable, and you can get all your supplies for the engineering projects without dealing with manual paperwork.

Our platform saves you time and money while improving your company's productivity. Ultimately, using the purchasing platform will keep your firm at the forefront of efficient workplace practices, taking the burden off your shoulders as the director. It also eliminates any errors you could make since everything is automated, you have access to previous orders, and all the documents you need are in one centralized place.

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