How To Get It Done With An Online PO Generator

Types of purchase orders

A purchase order is a document you send to the supplier if you plan to purchase goods and services. The document outlines the specifics of your purchase request, including product descriptions and payment terms. Using a purchase order helps your company streamline the purchase process and create a proactive spending culture that gives you control over your company’s spending. 

Gone are the days when you needed to prepare a manual purchase order, thanks to the online purchase order generator technology. The online PO generator allows you to use software to create, manage, and send your purchase orders hassle-free, saving you time and money. This purchase order system lets you streamline your business operations. 

What Are The Benefits Of Creating A Purchase Order?

Your business yields many benefits whenever you use a purchase order to buy your supplies. A PO generator offers you a paper trail for tracking all purchases and other benefits, including;

Preventing Duplicate Orders

Businesses lose thousands of dollars to errors such as duplicate orders. The chances of sending duplicate orders are higher if your business runs massive transactions. You can overcome these business setbacks using professional purchase orders to track what you ordered and the vendor supplying given goods and services. 

Simplify Inventory 

A purchase order helps you to keep track of products coming into your company, simplifying your inventory process. You can manage your stock more efficiently if you track every goods or service you receive. Besides, you won’t spend more time auditing your business when needed. 

Avoid Disputes 

Disputes are part of a business, especially when miscommunications occur. Purchase orders serve as legally binding documents that transactions took place, avoiding future disputes. For instance, the seller can’t send a higher invoice than the agreed quantity of goods and pricing. Disputes arise when a seller delivers substandard goods or a lower quantity than the details captured in the purchase order. A PO generator helps you to avoid possible disputes by serving as evidence of the transactions. 

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How To Create A PO Using An Online PO Generator 

Follow this simple process to create a PO using ControlHub’s online PO generator software in seconds. 

We have an online PO generator tool where you begin by filling the blanks of our free purchase order template form. The form is simple to fill out as it captures the essential details of a purchase order. Here’s how to do it. 

  1. Add Your Company Logo: The company logo lets the vendor identify your PO at a glance. The form has a dedicated section to upload the company logo. 
  2. Fill out The Issue & Delivery Date: Below are the order issues and delivery dates below the company logo section. Select each option and select the dates from the embedded calendar. Remember to fill in your shipping terms too.
  3. The Bill To Section: This section is a DIY part to fill in the company details, including the name, address, and email. Capture all your company details here. 
  4. The Vendor Section: Enter the vendor details, including their phone number and postal address. 
  5. Item Line: Enter the list of the items or products you want to buy here. Our form has space for the description, quantity of the goods, price, and amount. 
  6. The Notes Section: Use this section to explain any special requirements for the vendor. For example, you can let them know your payment mode and delivery instructions. 
  7. Once you’ve completed the form, click the “Generate PO” button, and you’ll receive it in PDF format. We don’t send your purchase order to the vendor. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about purchase orders. 

What’s A Purchase Order?

A PO is a financial document that a buyer (you) sends to the seller (your vendor) requesting a restock of needed supplies. A purchase order contains details and specifics of the products requested. 

Is Purchase Order Similar to An Invoice?

No, PO is different from an invoice, although they appear similar. The main difference between the two documents is that a PO originates from the buyer while the seller prepares an invoice. 

How Can I Create A PO Using A Purchase Order Generator?

Click on our purchase order generator tool and fill in the editable details with your specific company and order information. Click the “Generate PO” button to print a PDF format of your PO. 

Can I Generate PO With Other Templates?

Sign up for ControlHub inventory to access our purchase order templates and customize them to your needs. It is a simple DIY process once you choose your specific template. 

Do you need help or guidance in preparing your next PO? Feel free to try our automated online free purchase order generator. You can also reach ControlHub to simplify the process of generating purchase orders for your small business. 

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