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If you run a robotics startup, you should always look for ways to improve your products and stay ahead of the competition. This means tracking and improving your purchasing process is essential to success. After all, when you're responsible for building world-changing products, you can't afford to let anything slip through the cracks.

That's where purchasing tracking, complemented by effective purchasing software, becomes invaluable. Whether managing a blanket purchase order or a more intricate set of POs, maintaining oversight of your expenditures is pivotal for achieving success. Through purchasing tracking, you gain the ability to monitor where every dollar is being spent, thereby obtaining enhanced insights into your procurement strategy.

Here are more details about purchasing tracking and how it can help your business.

What is Purchasing Tracking, and Why is it Important?

Purchasing tracking is the process of recording and monitoring the status of an organization's purchase orders in real-time. The process allows businesses to track spending, measure performance, and make informed decisions about future purchases.

When you track purchase orders, you can identify areas where you are overspending and adjust your budget. This can lead to significant savings for your company over time.

Purchasing tracking systems provide visibility into the status of your orders. They make it easy to track progress and identify issues early on, so you can change your process and improve performance.

Manual or Automated Purchasing Tracking?

While a company, especially a small one, can track its orders manually, this quickly becomes impractical as the number of purchase orders grows.

A purchase order tracking system automates this process by integrating with an organization's accounting and financial software. This lets businesses get a complete picture of their spending, see where money is being allocated, and track progress on specific orders.

You can use on-premise or cloud-based software if you choose to track purchase orders automatically. The software will track any purchase order number to help you understand what's being ordered, when it's due, and the current status.

How Does Purchasing Tracking Work?

Purchasing tracking systems work by integrating with your organization's existing financial software. This allows the system to track purchase orders in real-time and provide up-to-date information on the status of each order.

The software will track the purchase order number, vendor, products ordered, and expected delivery date. This information is then stored in a central database. You can access this information at any time to track the progress of specific orders or get an overview of your organization's spending.

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Why Choose a Purchase Order Tracking System Over Manual Tracking?

Are you sitting on the fence about whether you should track purchase orders manually or invest in a purchase order tracking system?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose a purchase order tracking system:

  • A purchase order tracking system saves time. With a system in place, you don't have to waste time manually entering data into a spreadsheet. The software does the work for you.
  • It's more accurate. When you track purchase orders manually, there's always the potential for human error. Mistakes can lead to inaccurate data and reports.
  • More flexibility. You can customize the software to track the information that's important to your organization.
  • Standardized and consistent tracking. With a purchase order tracking system, you can track purchase orders the same way every time. Purchase order management becomes easy because it’s easier to compare data and track trends over time.
  • Improved decision-making. When you have up-to-date information on your organization's spending, you can decide better where to allocate resources. You can see how well you're meeting your spending limits, so you decide where to cut costs.

What Makes a Perfect Purchasing Tracking System?

Purchasing tracking is more than just knowing the order status. It's about understanding where your money is being spent and getting insights into your procurement strategy. Here are a few features you should consider when getting a purchasing tracking system for your company.

Track Purchase Orders From Multiple Vendors

The best purchasing tracking systems will allow you to track orders from multiple vendors in one place. This can be helpful if you work with a lot of different suppliers. The system should be able to track the purchase order number, vendor name, and delivery date.

Track the Status of Each Purchase Order in Real-Time

This means you can see if an order has been placed, shipped, and received. The system should also provide up-to-date information on the expected delivery date. It should also send notifications if there are any changes to the status of an order.

Store Data in a Central Location

Your purchasing tracking and inventory management will be easier if you have a system that consolidates data about your purchase orders into a single location. A cloud-based system is better because it usually has more space to accommodate more data.

Start Tracking Your Purchase Orders

Purchasing tracking is essential for any organization that wants to track their spending and get insights into their procurement process. A purchase order tracking system can save you time and money by automating the process of tracking purchase orders. When choosing a system, look for one that offers features like real-time order tracking, report generation, and three-way matching.

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